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We offer regular discounts on all of our shipping services for trade shows.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can assist with your shipping needs and your budget, or simply request an Online Quote.

Our Trade Show Shipping Pricing Methods Can Save You Money

Our trade show shipping pricing strategy is not complex and we are not afraid to talk about it. We will lock in your your rates and services.

There are no surprises regarding your costs and our Trade Show Shipping pricing and billing, we guarantee it.

Tariff’s and Zones, not here…

We do not use tariffs. We do not use zone pricing. We have never believed that either of those billing processes are beneficial for our customers. Cost plus basis billing is in your best interest. Great service, realistic trade show shipping pricing.

What’s Influencing Your Pricing?

Trade show shipping pricing varies with the major factors consisting of origin, destination, weight and service level. All can have a major impact in the pricing of a trade show shipment. You deserve to know exactly what you are paying for.

Fair Pricing, Regardless of Location

Pricing for Trade Show shipping does not have to be complicated or hard for the exhibitor to understand. With transparency in all aspects of what we do, we provide easy to understand pricing with a  billing process that explains all charges. 

Building Long-Term Trade Show Shipping Relationships

Fastline Logistics provides the best possible trade show shipping pricing for the services performed. We never utilize a mode of transportation that is not necessary.

Likewise, we never charge for a specific mode of transportation that is not required. We maintain the lowest fuel surcharges in the industry, depending upon the requirements of your move, you might be surprised to find no fuel surcharge at all.

It’s not lip service, it’s the truth. A quick phone call or rate request will confirm your savings. Our regular customers finds our pricing quite competitive with the value added benefit of superior “hands on” customer service.

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